There is a large amount of passenger airports in Ukraine which is an important feature for those who want to travel to this beautiful country. Passenger airports are situated nearly in all populated and tourist cities; it makes Ukraine travel easier and faster. The names of airports are: Boryspil and Zhulyany — both of them are situated in Kiev, Odessa International Airport, Simferopol International Airport, Uzhgorod Airport, Lviv International Airport, Chernivtsi Airport, Kharkiv International Airport, Donetsk International Airport, Dnepropetrovsk Airport and Lugansk Airport.

Boryspil airport is the biggest international passenger airport in Ukraine. It is situated 18,5km far from Kiev near the town Boryspil. There are 5 terminals; the main one is Terminal B. Many bars, shops, cafes and travel agencies are there. For the comfort of travelers all the terminals of Boryspil airport are situated close to one another.

The second airport in Kiev is Zhulyany. Unlike Boryspil airport, Zhulyany is built within the city. It is not as big as Boryspil airport and not many international flights take place there as no proper international terminal is built so far. You can find the biggest aircraft museum on the territory of Zhulyany airport. In March, 2011 low-cost airline Wizz Air relocated its flights from Boryspil airport to Zhulyany.

airport guide ukraine 62The second important Ukrainian airport is Odessa International Airport. It has air links with more than 60 cities all over the world and nearly 110 scheduled flights a week. Simferopol International Airport is the only airport on the Crimea. This peninsula is a place of a great interest for the tourists and the main heath-resort zone in Ukraine. The international airport in Uzhgorod is not big; it has one terminal and only one runway. But it is considered peculiar because aircrafts take off and approach to land in the airspace of Slovakia. Chernivtsi Airport has only two scheduled flights: to Kiev and to Timisoara (Romania). Lugansk Airport also doesn't serve many flights, except domestic flights there is only a flight to Moscow.

Because of the oncoming football championship Euro2012, many Ukrainian airports are rebuilt and reconstructed. In Donetsk for example the new international airport is built, its opening is planned for the December, 2011. The airport in Lviv is also reconstructed, besides the lengthening of runway will be done. Kharkiv International Airport is on reconstruction since April, 2008, it will become the first airport in Ukraine with supermodern system of luggage processing. Dnepropetrovsk International Airport will have a new terminal in 2012 after the renovation.

As you can see no troubles should occur in case you decide to go to Ukraine. The large amount of airports enables you to plan your Ukraine travel thoroughly and make it rich and interesting.





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