Chernihiv Oblast is the northern Ukrainian region which borders on Belarus and Russia. The administrative centre is Chernihiv. It is rather large; the area of the oblast is 31,865 square km, the third place in Ukraine while the population of 1,152 mln people makes it one of the less populated regions. The oblast is divided into 22 districts; the largest cities are Chernihiv, Priluki ans Nizhyn. Chernihiv Oblast is less urbanized than other Ukrainian oblasts, urban population makes up 58% of people, and rural population is 42% respectively. As for the ethnic composition, Ukrainians prevail over other nationalities — 90%, second largest ethnic group is Russians — 6%, the third group is Byelorussians.

Settlements in the region appeared nearly 100 thousand years ago. In IX century it became a part of Kievan Rus. Well developed agricultural sector made Chernihiv one of the richest cities after Kiev in Kievan Rus. It was under the power of Lithuania, Tatar-Mongols, Russsia and Soviet dictatorship. In XI century Chernihiv Principality was created on the territory of Chernihiv Oblast, the Principality travelled a long way until the modern territory of the oblast was formed in 1932.

The surface of the region can be described as low lying plain. There are 196 rivers some of them are 10km long but the main ones are the Dnieper and the Desna. The climate is temperate, average temperature in winter is -7 degrees, in summer — +20.

But the topic which interests those who travel to Ukraine most of all is sightseeings and attractions. A large part of cultural heritage is located in Chernihiv Oblast, some of them has a great importance for the world culture. As the region is very old you can see a lot of ancient mansions which are the models of architectural art of that time. Some towns of the oblast are even older than Kiev, for example Koselets'. Those who are fond of old majestic churches should obviously visit such towns of the region as Chernihiv, Liubech, Nizhyn and see Borisoglebsky Cathedral, Cathedral of Nativity which dates back to the year 1800, Nikolaevsky church and many other. Antoniyev caverns were established in XI century, it is an example of ancient monastic architecture.

Chernihiv Oblast is an example of not widely-advertised region which is completely unfair as it is so rich in historical places and attractions. Don't forget to visit this wonderful land in case you travel to Ukraine.



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