Chernivtsi Oblast is the smallest region in Ukraine situated between Eastern European plain and the Carpathian Mountains, the area of it is just 8,097 square km. The administrative centre of the oblast is the city Chernivtsi. It borders with two foreign countries: Moldova and Romania. The Chernivtsi Oblast is divided into 11 districts. The population of it is 905, 000 people. The ethnic composition is quite diverse and not typical for Ukraine: 75% are Ukrainians, 12, 5% — Romanians, 7% — Moldavians, there are also Russians, Poles, Byelorussians, Jews and others. The state language is Ukrainian but because of the ethnic diversity such languages as Romanian, Russian and Polish are also used even on TV. This region is the most Russian-speaking among western ones.

Chernivtsi Oblast was created in 1940 during the Soviet occupation; Bukovina (modern territory of the oblast) was a part of Kingdom of Romania. During the occupation many inhabitants of Bukovina were expelled to Kazakhstan and Siberia. During the Second World War Bukovina became the part of Romania again, at that time large Jewish community also went out of existence as the Jews were deported to concentration camps where most of them died. And only in 1944 Bukovina appeared under the control of the Soviet power again.

The climatic conditions are favourable because of the perfect combination of warmth and humidity. The main rivers are the Dniester and the Prut.

Due to the great variety of historical processes and the great cultural diversity, it is rich in architectural monuments and places of interest. There are more than 700 historic monuments in Chernivtsi Oblast. The main of them are: Khotyn Fortress located in the small town called Khotyn, this fortress is a great example of medieval Ukrainian architecture, it dates back to XIII century, lately it has been renovated and the new museum has been opened on its territory; another one is Chernivtsi University which is the main architectural sightseeing of the city, it has been a residence of Orthodox metropolitans and now it is the main university in Chernivtsi, the beauty of this place amazes, you feel like you're in Oxford or even in a magic Hogwarts. There is also a park near the university where you can take a walk after excursion. Many ancient churches and cathedrals such, as for example Kozmodemyanivska church, are also an important part of cultural life in the oblast. Do not hesitate to visit Chernivtsi Oblast in case you travel to Ukraine, you will get much more than you expect.



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