Crimea region is in a fact the whole Autonomous Republic of Crimea which is situated on the southern peninsula. The area of the peninsula is 26 860 square km. Two seas wash the shores of the Crimea, the Black Sea on the South and the West and the Azov Sea on the East. The relief on the peninsula is diverse; nearly 70% of the territory is plain but on the South there are the Crimean Mountains. The population of the Crimea region is nearly 2 mln people. The biggest cities are Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta, Eupatoria, Kerch and Feodosia.

In ancient times the Crimea was named Taurica and was conquered many times by different tribes and empires. It was invaded by Scythians, Roman Empire, Crimean Tatars, Goths, Kievan Rus', Byzantine Empire, Turks, Mongols, Greeks, Russian Empire, etc. Every invader affected the culture of Crimea in one way or other. From the language of Crimean Tatars for example derives the name of the peninsula and Tatar language is still very widespread there.

Though the territory of the peninsula is not large climate on the Crimea differs depending the subzone. On the North it is moderately continental while on the South it has the features of subtropical climate; Mediterranean climate is typical for the South seaboard. Snow is a rare phenomenon in Crimea region.

The Crimea is the most popular choice for those who travel to Ukraine for hiking, rock climbing, horse riding or mountain biking say nothing of its famous resorts. For those who like sightseeing the Crimea is a perfect place. Tauric Chersonesus is an ancient colony which dates back to the 6th century BC. Now it is an archeological park where you can look around the ancient ruins of this former Greek town. There are two wonderful palaces in the Crimea which are famous attractions of the region. The Livadia Palace was a summer residence of Russian tsar's family and now this architectural and cultural monument is a museum. The same is about the Vorontsov Palace which was built for the Prince Mikhail Vorontsov.

Crimea region is so rich in attractions and historical monuments that it is silly to go there and just lie on the beach. Discover the beauty of this region and have a nice rest.




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