Due to the fact that historical path of Ukraine is thorny and hard, Ukraine culture contains features of many different ethnic groups. In the past Ukraine was under the authority of different folks, that's why its culture is so diverse. For example you can feel the influence of Russian culture in the Eastern part of Ukraine while Austrian and Polish — in the Western. The best way to feel and understand Ukraine culture is Ukraine travel.

Historical chronicles gave birth to Ukrainian literature; the boom of it began in 1920. Among eminent Ukrainian writers and poets are Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka and many others. Of course we can't speak about Ukraine culture without mentioning traditions and national symbols. One of the national symbols connected with an old tradition is rushnyk.

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Rushnyk is a kind of decorative towel; it played an important role on wedding days. According to popular belief the embroidery on rushnyk can protect the newly married couple from curses and turn away an evil eye. Rushnyk is a part of wedding ceremony even in modern life. Rushnyk was also used during less merry events such as funerals.

ukraine culture 383Another national symbol is pysanka. This is a specially decorated egg which people present to each other on the Easter. The tradition of painting eggs dates back to the ancient times and survived the times when Ukrainians adopted Christianity. This art is also known abroad thanks to Ukrainian emigrants who introduced it there.

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One more important holiday in Ukraine is Christmas which is celebrated on the 6th of January, in the holy evening. Many traditions and rituals are connected with this day. There is a strict fast before the holiday and the dishes for the Christmas dinner are very special. The most vivid celebration of this wonderful holiday you can observe in the Western part of Ukraine where people still follow old traditions.

Ukrainian culture survived many highs and lows but this fact made it even richer. Travel to Ukraine and you will discover all the peculiarities of many-sided Ukraine culture.





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