We must admit that Kharkiv is not a tourist city in a full sense of this word. It can't compete with such cities as Odessa, Kiev, Yalta or even Lvov in a number of hotels or attractions but still this city is worth visiting and maybe this article will explain you why.

Kharkiv is the biggest city in the eastern Ukraine; it has an area of 310 square km and the population of 1, 6 million people. The city is a large industrial and trade centre of Ukraine. The name of it can be explained by the history of its foundation, it is believed that the city was founded by a mythical Cossack whose name was Khar'ko. It is an old town as it was founded in 1654; from 1919 to 1934 was the capital of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic which can explain a great amount of large buildings with a plain architecture typical for Soviet times. The city still has the ambitions of returning the status of a capital; in 2008 the deputies offered the law according to which Kharkiv would have the same rights as Kiev had but the law has not been enacted. The majority of people speak Russian as in all eastern Ukrainian cities.

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The climate is moderately continental which means that the weather in winter is changeable and cold while in summer— hot and dry. The average annual temperature is 7 degrees above zero. There are no large ponds or rivers around the city but sometimes the winds from the Black Sea or even Atlantic Ocean can affect the weather.

As for the sights the most popular among them are Mirror Stream, The Annunciation Cathedral which is one of the tallest churches in the world, the central square — the Freedom Square, the sixth largest square in Europe, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral, metro system which has 29 stations and many other.

Despite being industrial and scientific centre, Kharkiv is a great cultural centre of Ukraine. And of course we should mention that is an unofficial capital of Ukrainian rock and alternative music. Many modern talented bands and singers work and live there. As for the literature it is a capital of Science Fiction, every year the famous Fantasy workshop "Star Bridge" is held in this city.

Though many people who travel to Ukraine visit Kharkiv because of business matters they like the city and want to know more. So don't wait for a special occasion to go there, visit it as a tourist and you won't regret. 

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