Kharkiv Oblast is situated on the plain territory in northeastern part of Ukraine. It borders with many Ukrainian oblast and one foreign country – Russia. The area of the oblast is 31, 415 thousand square km while the population is 2, 7 mln people which makes it the 4th most populated Ukrainian region. The largest towns are Izyum, Pervomaisky, Chuguev and other.

In XIII century the territory of the region was conquered by Tartar Mongols and was thinly populated. Only in 200 years peasants began to make settlements there and in XVII century began the mass occupation of the area. The administrative centre of the oblast, city Kharkiv was created in 1654 and named after the river on which it stands. In 1756 a large province was created around Kharkiv and in 1835 it got the name Kharkivskaya. From 1919 till 1934 Kharkiv was a capital of Ukrainian Societ Socialist Republic.

The main water resource is the river Seversky Donetsk which is a tributary of the Don. Among other large rivers are the Oskol, the Udy and the Bereka. There are also lakes in the region; the biggest one is the Liman. As for the climate, Kharkiv Oblast is divided into 2 moderate climatic zones: forest-steppe and steppe zones. The average temperature in winter is -6 degrees, in summer − +22.

Kharkiv Oblast is one of the most economically developed regions of Ukraine because of the favourable chuguev ukraine geographical position and industrial base. The transport network is quite branched and is represented by buses, trains, trams, subway, etc. It is comfortable for those who travel to Ukraine and don't know the surroundings well.

The main attractions of Kharkiv Oblast are the Freedom Square which is one of the largest squares in Europe; Gasprom building is situated in this Square and was the symbol of the modernity in Soviet times; Izyum, one of the oldest towns in the region where you can observe wonderful view of the river Seversky Donets from the mountain Kremenets; in Chuguev a famous Russian artist Ilya Repin was born, there you can visit the house museum where he lived.





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