Kirovohrad Oblast is the central Ukrainian region situated near the river Dnieper and the South Bug. It was created in 1939. The geographical center of Ukraine is located in a village of the oblast. The oblast is not large, the area of it is 24 588 while the population – 1, 053 mln. people. It makes the region one of the less populated Ukrainian oblasts. The largest cities are Aleksandriya and Svetlovodsk. The region is divided into 21 districts, 12 towns and more than thousand villages. The ethnic composition is quite typical for the central part of Ukraine: 85% of people are Ukrainians, 11% – Russians, and other nationalities among which are Moldavians, Byelorussians, and Bulgarians.

In ancient times Kirovohrad Oblast was inhabited by Scythians, Pichenegs, Khazars, Tatars, etc. The territory of oblast is the place where Cossacks appeared. The administrative center of oblast Kirovohrad was named Elisavetgrad before because the fort of Elizabeth the Saint was located there. The city was growing quickly before military operations took place.

The climate is moderately continental. Because of the Atlantic and Baltic cyclones winter thaws happen rather often. Spring begins early; summer is dry and hot while autumn is rainy.

Many attractions of Kirovohrad Oblast are in the list of «Seven Wonders of Ukraine». The main sightseeing is the Khutor Nadia. This reserve museum is situated in the village Nikolaevka, it was a cultural oasis for Ukrainians in XIX century. You can see the house of famous Ukrainian play writer Karpenko-Karyi who created this place, garden, summer theatre and park. We strongly recommend visiting the museum for those who travel to Ukraine and want to see where the culture of the country arose. Not far from Kirovohrad in town Pomoshnaya a unique architectural monument steel water tower is situated. Such hyperboloidal constructions as this tower are very rare; only 11 constructions exist now in the world. Among other attractions are historical museum in town Bobrinets, Voznesensky Cathedral and many old churches.

Every little town of Kirovohrad Oblast is full of attraction according to any taste; mind it in case you travel to Ukraine.





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