Lviv Oblast is the western region of Ukraine which borders on Poland. The area of it is 21, 8 thousand sq. km; the population is 2, 568 million people, it is the fourth most populated oblast in Ukraine. The oblast consists of 20 districts and 44 towns. The largest cities are Boryslav, Drogobych, Truskavets, Chervonograd, etc. The administrative center of the region is Lviv which is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, it was founded in 1256.

During its history region was occupied by many nationalities and was under the power of a large amount of empires. The main cultural and industrial city Lviv was a Polish town before, it explains the architecture of it which is not typical for other Ukrainian cities.

Lviv Oblast is located within 3 zones: forest, forest steppe and mountain which is represented by the Carpathians. The climate is moderately continental with wet warm summer and mild winter. But the weather in mountains is of course much more severe.

Lviv Oblast can be called unique beyond any doubt. If a tourist asks for the recommendation as for what places to visit when he/she travels to Ukraine, Lviv Oblast immediately appears in one's mind. It contains all the kinds of rest a person may want. Truskavets is famous from XIX century because of a large number of healing springs and rehabilitation centers. Many mineral springs are also located in the Carpathians, fresh mountain air and picturesque landscape is favorable for physical and psychical state of a person. The Carpathians are also famous for skiing resorts and other extreme sport centers. Most of the architectural and historical attractions are situated in Lviv, such as Gothic Cathedral, Armenian Cathderal, Uspenskaya Church, City Town Hall, Royal Arsenal which dates back to XVII century, etc. For those who are fond of art there are a lot of museums and theatres: Museum of Ukrainian Art, Picture Gallery, Historical Museum, Lviv Opera Theatre, Philharmonic Hall and many others. In the ancient city Drogobych you can visit local history museum, gothic church of XV century, wooden ancient churches and other historical and architectural monuments.

Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful region if you have a chance to travel to Ukraine. Every little village of Lviv Oblast can compete with any ancient European city in its beauty and importance. Be sure you will have a lot of impressions and memories after you visit it.



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