Ukraine is situated in the moderate zone of Northern Hemisphere, in Eurasia on the crossing point of trade routes from Asia and Europe. The area is 603 thousand square km; the length of borders is more than 6000 km. If you take a look at Ukraine map you will see that it is located among the member countries of European Union, in Eastern Europe. Ukraine borders on Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldavia on land and Georgia, Turkey and Bulgaria on sea. A large number of countries on which the country borders are a comfortable feature for those who want to visit some other nearby countries during Ukraine travel.

You won't see a lot of brown zones on Ukraine map that means that the country is mostly flat,ukraine maps situated on southeast of the East European Plain. Mountains occupy only 5% of the territory, the largest chain of mountains in Ukraine is the Carpathians on southwest and Crimean Mountains on south of the Crimea. But there are a lot of blue zones on Ukraine map which means that there are many rivers and ponds, that means that the country has a lot of water resources. The largest rivers are the Dnieper, the South Bug, the Dniester, Severskiy Donets, etc. You can also notice two seas on Ukraine map: the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. The Black Sea is bigger and is connected with the Azov Sea with Kerch channel. The Azov Sea is not deep so water near the shores is even frozen in winter.

Important trait of geographical position of Ukraine is that it is located in the system of Eurasian continent and European subcontinent. That's why first settlements which were similar to modern states appeared in southern Ukrainian regions, on the Black Sea coast for example.

When you travel to Ukraine you can discover the peculiarities of Ukraine map on your own experience. Favourable geographical position makes it possible to travel to nearby countries, to have rest near the seaside or in mountains.




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