Mykolayiv Oblast is the southern region of Ukraine which is located on the river South Bug. It borders on Odessa, Kirovograd, Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk. On the South it is washed by the Black Sea. The area of the region is 24 600 sq. km, the population is 1, 18 mln. people. The largest towns are Pervomaysk, Voznesensk ans Yuzhnoukrainsk which are important industrial centers of the oblast. The region is divided into 19 districts and 9 towns.

In ancient times Mykolayiv Oblast was inhabited by Scythians, Sarmatians and Greeks. During Russian-Turkish War the territory between the South Bug and the Dnieper was a part of Russia. The modern Mykolayiv Oblast was created only in 1937 of the eastern part of Odessa Oblast.

The climate is moderately continental with mild brief winter and hot dry summer. The main water resources are the South Bug, the Ingul, the Ingulets and the Berezan'.

mykolayiv oblast

There are more than 100 landscape parks, nature and biosphere reserves in Mykolayivska Oblast. Historic-archeological reserve «Olviya» is located in Parutino village; you can see ancient graves, workrooms and the temple of Apollo there. Mykolayiv zoo which was founded more than 100 years ago and has 350 kinds of animals is considered one of the most beautiful in Ukraine. Speaking about cultural heritage of the region and the places which are popular among those who travel to Ukraine we cannot but mention such places as: the building where the Stuff of the Black See Navy was located, Mykolayivska Church, Astronomic Observatory, old cemetery which dates back to XVIII century, ruins of ancient Greek city Olviya, military museum, Roman Catholic church and many other places of interest.

Mykolayiv Oblast is not as famous among tourists as for example Odessa or the Crimea but it doesn't mean the region is not interesting. It has a long history and the traces of many cultures which you can discover. Friendly people of this small Black Sea region will make your trip only better.

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