Mykolayiv is the city situated on the South of Ukraine. It is an administrative center of Mykolayiv Oblast. The area of the city is 210 sq km while the population – 498 thousand people. In fact Mykolayiv is located on the peninsula which is washed by two large rivers: the South Bug and the Ingul. Most of the territory is in the steppe zone. The climate is moderately continental with mild winter and hot summer, the average temperature – 10 degrees above zero.

The history of Mykolayiv begins with the building of a shipyard in 1788. It has defined the main branch of industry – shipbuilding. According to the decree of the prince Potemkin the new city was named Mykolayiv in memory of seizure of a Turkish fortress Ochakov on Saint Nicholas Day. So it is considered that the city was founded in 1789. The architectural plan of the city was rather plain, straight streets and right shaped blocks. Later the seaport was opened for foreign ships which favoured the development of the city. During the Crimean War an important military base was situated in the city, that's why it was closed for the foreigners.

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If you're planning Ukraine travel take a walk along the streets and boulevards of Mykolayiv, look at the old and new buildings of the city and visit numerous attractions. Mykolayiv catacombs are an underground maze which is similar to Crimean catacombs near Sevastopol. Astronomical obesrvatory is a national architectural monument, one of the oldest observatories in Europe. There are several observing huts and a park around observatory. Those who are interested in archeology should obviously visit the site of an ancient settlement «Wild Garden» which is located in the center of the modern town. Scientists still find ancient instruments of labour there. Mykolayiv yacht club is one of the oldest in Russian empire and has an achitectural value.

Though the city is not large there is an airport in Mykolayiv so you will not have any problems getting there during your Ukraine travel.

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