The pearl of the Black Sea, hero city Odessa is situated in the southern part of Ukraine on the Black Sea shore. It is the fourth largest city in Ukraine with the population of 1,209,000 million people and the area of 160 square km. The city has a large value for the whole Ukraine as it is an industrial, cultural and resort centre, besides the main seaport is located there.

The city was founded in 1794 by Ekaterina the Second as it was supposed to be the seaport which had to strengthen the trade routes with Europe. Before that ancient Greek settlements were on the place of modern Odessa, and then Tatars occupied the territory, which were followed by Turks but in 1789 it was conquered by Russians. Thanks to the port and favourable geographical position the city began to develop rapidly. Such ethnic mix caused a great diversity of architectural styles, cultures and nationalities. In architecture you can see the influence of such styles as Classicist, Art Nouveau and other. The modern national composition of the population is cosmopolitan; Ukrainians, Russians and Jews prevail over other nationalities. A big Jewish diaspora existed in the southern capital of Ukraine but after the emigration to Israel in 1970s their number noticeably decreased.

The climate is moderately continental as in the major part of Ukraine but summers are hotter and drier. The average summer temperature is 25 degrees above zero which is a perfect variant for having a rest near the sea so mind this in case you travel to Ukraine.

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People in Odessa are famous for their special sense of humour, no wonder that the first of April is celebrated here as an important national holiday. This humour is reflected even in language. Odessa variant of Russian language is also a sort of a national heritage. Russian there is influenced by many foreign languages such as French, Yiddish, Ukrainian, Greek, Spanish, etc. The word order is also peculiar which gives the language a humorous shade.

As for the attractions, you can find them at every turn; every yard in this wonderful city is sightseeing. Among the most important ones are Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre — beautiful building in Renaissance style, Potemkin Step, Alexander Pushkin's Museum where you can know about the period of Pushkin's life when he lived in Southern Palmira, Vorontsov's Palace — architectural landmark designed by Italian artist Francesko Boffo, the central Deribasovskaya street and of course resorts.

This city is not just beaches and spa resorts it is a large cultural centre where everyone can get spiritual nourishment. In case you feel depressed be sure that there is a city in Ukraine which is able to cheer you up anytime.


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