Odessa Oblast is the region in south-west of Ukraine. It borders on Vinnytsya, Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv regions on land and such foreign countries as Romania, Turkey, Moldova and Bulgaria on sea. The East and South-East of the region is washed by the Black Sea. Odessa Oblast is the largest oblast in Ukraine, the area of it is 33 000 while the population is 2, 396 mln. people. The largest cities are Izmail, Ilyichevsk and Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Oblast consists of 26 districts and 19 towns.

The first settlements on the territory of Odessa Oblast appeared in Pridnestrovie. In I-III century the region was conquered by Romans and after them came Goths. During the history this oblast was inhabited and conquered many times, among the conquerors were Turks, Tatars, Greeks, Scythians, Russians, etc.

The climate of the region is moderately continental with high humidity but it also has the features of the sea climate. Winter season is mild, short with little snow while summer is hot and dry. Sea affects the climate in a great way. Its influence is especially strong during spring season when the weather is often cool and foggy. Those who want to travel to Ukraine and visit Odessa Oblast in spring should keep this fact in mind.

The administrative center of the region Odessa and other towns situated within the oblast are popular resorts. People go there to improve their health with the help of fresh sea air and curative bathes in water which is rich in minerals. A lot of nature reserves and forests are situated on the territory of Odessa Oblast: Dalnitsky Forest, Kuyal'nik Resort with curative muds, Petrovsky nature reserve, etc. Those who travel to Ukraine to see the historical and cultural side of it should obviously see Odessa catacombs which are considered to be the longest underground labyrinth in the world, the mosque which dates back to XV century in town Izmail, Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk and many other, not even talking about Odessa with infinite amount of architectural and cultural monuments. Visit Odessa Oblast and make sure you will get a lot of pleasures and knowledge.



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