Ukraine is a large country with a strong cultural variability, it makes Ukraine travel interesting and informative because all Ukraine regions are very diverse and have their own peculiarities. From the historical-cultural point of view Ukraine is divided into 15 regions, such as: Polesye, Bessarabia, Donbass, etc. According to administrative division there are 24 regions, 2 cities which have special status: Kiev and Sevastopol, and Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Some of them are more populated, others — less. The most populated areas are Donbass and Zakarpatye.

Cultural diversity is rather extensive; in Ukraine regions even such things as language, customs, religion, not mentioning mentality are different. In the western part of Ukraine people speak Ukrainian language while in the eastern and southern — Russian. According to the last public inquiry, 43-46% of people speak Russian language that is less than Ukrainian. Western Ukraine is much older; it means that traditions hold a special place in lives of Ukrainians there. Even young people go to the Sunday service at church which seems strange for Ukrainians from the East, where people are less religious. People in Western Ukraine celebrate national holidays, have richer historical background. It is hard to imagine a better place for Ukraine travel than Zakarpatye or Bukovina. Western cities which are strongly recommended to visit are: Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Uzhgorod.

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From the other side Ukraine regions in the eastern part are industrial and new. Though you won't find such architectural treasures as in the West, there are also some attractions. Eastern Ukraine regions are rapidly developing areas with modern buildings, stadiums and infrastructure. Eastern regions are good for making business; culture doesn't hold the first place there so far. Central Ukraine is the part where Ukrainian capital Kiev is located. It is industrially well developed and culturally rich. Ukrainian language in Poltava is considered to be model and pure. Southern regions as for example Autonomous Republic of Crimea or Odessa are famous for health-improving resorts. We recommend to include Southern regions in your Ukraine travel list.





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