Transportation in Ukraine is branched and developed. Every person who travels to Ukraine wants to know about the possibilities of moving around a city or going from one town to another. Let's start with the municipal transport. One of the most popular kinds of transportation is buses.

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Every city has several lines of buses and trolleybuses so that people can travel from one end of a town to another. The price for the bus tickets is rather low, if you pay 1hryvna (10 cents) you can go to any station within the city. The price of your trip doesn't depend on the distance on conditions that the travel is around one city.

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There are also long-distance buses which go to the other cities of Ukraine; the price for the ticket in such buses is also comparatively low. "Sheriff Tour" is a company which deals with the transportation in Ukraine if you need to go to another city. You can examine the timetable of their buses and quickly book a ticket on the website.

transportation ukraine 58Trams are not as widespread as buses in Ukraine as the distance on which they go is rather limited. But for a token fee you can feel that special atmosphere which trams have. Lately all the trams in Ukraine are being renovated.

Speaking about city transport in Ukraine we can't but mention minibus taxi — taxy ukraine 312small private buses the ticket for which costs a little bit more but they are usually faster. Minibus taxies don't stop on every station, only on request. The only drawback of them is that they are usually overcrowded. If you need to get somewhere fast, you can always take a taxi. There are a lot of taxi services in all Ukrainian cities where you can order a taxi and in above 10 minutes it will come and bring you to the point of destination. Of course taxi costs more than any municipal kind of transport but still the price is reasonable — 2$ for 5 km.

If you travel to Ukraine and plan to go around the cities, you can buy a ticket for a train.

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Train network is well developed so you can go to any Ukrainian town. The price of the ticket depends on the distance you go but at the average it is 30$. Trains are an important part of transportation in Ukraine as it is much cheaper than going by plane and comparatively comfortable but of course you will spend more time for a trip. There is one more option for those who travel to Ukraine and want to see more than the centre of one city, you can always rent a car, of course if you have your driving license. Such companies as "Sixt", "Bls", "Auto-Renter", etc. can help you with that.

As you can see you transport won't be a problem for you in case you decide to travel to Ukraine. Find an option which suites you best, and good luck in exploring the country.




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