There is a big choice of travel agencies but if you don't want some organization problems to spoil your travel to Ukraine, you should approach the question of choosing one of them very thoroughly. Firstly you should get the information about the travel agencies, the more the better; the sources of such information are internet, magazines or the recommendations of your friends. Pay attention at how much time some particular agency works on the market of tourist services. Travel agencies which work 5 years or more are likely to have rich experience and many tour operators as their partners. The earnest of success is qualified tour managers. Professional operator gives you comprehensive and reliable information about the tour, can correctly draw up a contract and satisfy your wishes. Don't forget to ask the manager about the tour operator with which the agency works and then read about it. Most travel agencies work with the same tour operators so you should obviously pay attention at the price of a tour, either high or low price of it should seem suspicious to you, compare them with the average prices on a market of tourist services. Office of the agency doesn't play the last role; in reputable agencies offices are well equipped with different certificates and licenses on the walls. If you want your travel to Ukraine to be successful, make decision about what agency to choose only after making all described above steps.

travel agencies 349There is a large amount of travel agencies in all big cities of Ukraine. Let's look at some of them. "Deluxe Travel" is an agency situated in the heart of Kiev in a big office centre; it offers you a wide range of tours from wedding trips to sea cruises. Odessa agency "Alvona" has a rich experience, being on the market of tourist services in Ukraine and Russia for 14 years it acquired a reputation of a reliable and professional organization. "Liniya Turizma" is an agency in Kharkiv which has an individual approach to every client. Among other reputable agencies are: "Ilitash Tour" in Donetsk, "Lana Tour" in Dnepropetrovsk, "Kalina" in Lvov, "Blue Sky" in Zaporozhye and others.

Hope these recommendations will help you to find the right one among a large amount of travel agencies and your travel to Ukraine won't be darkened by any troubles connected with the planning of your tour.





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