Vinnytsya Oblast is located in central Ukraine. It borders on 2 foreign states – Moldova and unacknowledged Pridnestrovie. The area of the region is 26 513 sq. km, the population is 356 thousand people which makes it one of the least populated oblasts. The region consists of 27 districts and 17 towns. The administrative center of oblast is the city Vinnytsya, other towns are Zhmerinka, Ladyzhin, Khmelnyk, Kazatin, etc. The oblast is situated within Pridneporvskaya and Podolskaya elevations.

The name Podolye which is the modern territory of Vinnytsya Oblast was mentioned in the annuals of XIV century. In 1431-1433 Poland and Lithuania were at war for Podolye after which it was divided between two states. But in 1793 the part of Podolye was under the power of Russia. Modern Vinnytsya Oblast was founded only in 1932.

The climate is moderately continental. The average temperature of the coldest month is -5 degrees, of the hottest summer month – 19 degrees. In the central part of the region flows the river South Bug, the Dniester flows on south-west.

vinnytsya oblast

Many ancient monuments were found in the region. The most important one is the stone image of Slavic deity Setovit. Those who are interested in archeology should visit Bakata where Bakatsky monastery is situated. National mansion museum of N.Pirogov is surrounded by vivid park on the shores of the lake. Eminent doctor Pirogov bought the mansion in 1859; he lived and worked there until 1881. Near the mansion you can see the drugstore museum where the surroundings are still the same as they were in the days of Pirogov. The lovers of medieval architecture will appreciate the beauty of Bushansky castle which was built by hetman Zamoysky in XVI century. It stands on the cape between two rivers and consists of 6 towers which are connected with the help of underground ways. The castle also has an important historical meaning, many peace treaties were signed there.

Tourists who have travelled to Ukraine won't let us lie that every city and oblast in Ukraine has their attractions and importance, Vinnytsya Oblast is not an exception and you can get evidence of it if you visit this old region.






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