Ukraine has a visa system with most of the countries so before planning your travel to Ukraine you should get to know if you need Ukraine visa. People from foreign countries can get visa in Ukrainian embassy in the countries they live or if there are no embassies— in nearby countries. You can't get visa in airports or customs office so you need to process it beforehand. There are several kinds of visas and the requirements for processing them are different. Visas can be tourist, business, private or transit.

If you want to travel to Ukraine as a tourist you need to have a tourist visa. To get tourist visa you need to have an invitation card from the travel agency or voucher which confirms the reservation of a hotel. With tourist visa you can be in the country for no more than 180 days. Private visa is for guest visits and is issued according to the invitation from Ukrainian citizens which has to be confirmed by local visa and registration department. You can live in Ukraine with private visa for 180 days as well but you can prolong the validity of a visa on a territory of Ukraine if you have serious circumstances like illness or marriage. Business visa is for people who have or are planning to have business in Ukraine but in this case you must have an invitation from a legal company registered in Ukraine, it can be prolonged in Ukraine by the local company which invited you. Transit visa is issued in case you have a visa of another country and Ukraine is on your route. This kind of visa can't be prolonged in Ukraine.

The standard term of getting Ukraine visa is 10 days but it can depend on the type of visa or consulate. If you need visa urgently, it can be issued in 2-3 days but it will cost 2 times more. The price of visa also depends on its type and consulate but usually it costs 40-150$.

The citizens of the following countries don't need Ukraine visa to enter the country: Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Georgia, Serbia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and from the year 2011 — Israel. Since 2005 citizens of EU countries, the USA and Canada also don't need visa.

Necessary items for processing a Ukraine Visa:

A. 1 passport photo

B. Your original passport with min. 2 blank visa pages. Amendment Pages do not qualify.

C. Completed Ukrainian Visa application downloadable or sent by email attachment or US Mail upon receipt of Visa Order Form ( Applications missing vital processing information will be subject to an additional $30.00 service fee)

D. Official Ukraine Visa support or invitation letter

E. Check or credit card payment for the appropriate amount



1.Place of visa issuance (Washington, D.C., New York or Chicago).

2.Traveler"s visa is valid from this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid from December 1, 2002 (not January 12, 2002).

3. Visa expiration date. Visa is valid until this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid until June 1, 2003 (not January 6, 2003).

4.Visa control number.

5.Number of entries.

(1) - single entry visa (one entry only).

(2) - double entry visa (two entries only).

(M) - multiple entry visa (unrestricted within visa duration).

6.Type of visa:

- Diplomatic;

C (C-1, C-2, C-3) -Service;

- Business;

- Rescue service (workers) employees;

O - Student visa;

H - Scholar visa;

M - Visa for mass media representatives;

P - Religious visa;

- Humanitarian visa;

K - Cultural and Sport visa;

T - Tourism;

(-1, -2) - Private visa;

IM (IM-1, IM-2) - Immigration visa;

O -Crew member visa (engaged in transportation);

TP (TP-1, TP-2)-Transit visa.

7.Traveler"s last name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears on your passport).

8. Traveler"s first name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears as on your passport).

9. Traveler"s passport number.

10.Traveler"s sex.

11.Traveler"s date of birth.

12.Traveler"s nationality.

13.Host in Ukraine.





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