Volyn Oblast is the northwestern region of Ukraine; it borders on Brest Oblast (Byelorussia) in the north, Rivne Oblast in the east, Lviv Oblast in the south and the western part of the oblast is on the state border with Poland. The area is 20, 2 sq. km while the population – 1 million people. The administrative center of the region is the city Lutsk; among other large cities are Kovel and Novokolynsk. It is divided into 16 districts and 11 towns.

Volyn Oblast is often called «a window on Europe» as it keeps in touch with more than 90 foreign countries. The region is located on the joint of three states; this cultural and ethnic mix has a historic importance. In ancient times different territories where Slavic tribes lived were called Volyn. Prince Vladimir the Great founded the city and named it Vladimir. In 1157 Volyn was separated from Kyiv and formed independent princedom but in 1199 it was united with Halychyna and formed Halytsko-Volynske princedom which was nearly always in a state of war with Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian feudals. In XV century Halytsko-Volynske princedom became extinct. In XVIII century Volynska guberniya was created. Modern Volyn Oblast appeared in 1939.

The climate of the region is moderately continental with warm summer and mild winter. There are 132 rivers on the territory of the oblast; the largest of them are the Pripyat, the Styr, the Stohod and the Tyr'a. The river Western Bug is on the border with Poland, in the western part of the territory.

Volyn Oblast is considered one of the richest in sights which means that those who travel to Ukraine won't feel bored. The total amount of architectural, cultural and archeological monuments is 857. Among main attractions are Lutsk historic-cultural reserve, house museum of Lesya Ukrainka in the village Kolodyazhny, Uspensky cathedral, Vasilkovska church which dates back to XI century in town Vladimir-Volynsky, castle in village Olitsi, ruins of walls of the Lower castle, open air museum in village Rokin where you can learn about the development of agriculture and wooden architecture in Volyn and many other.

People who travel to Ukraine should also keep in mind that Volyn Oblast is close to other foreign countries so you can combine visiting ancient castles of Volyn Oblast with seeing around old cities of Poland or Hungary.



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