Yalta is a perfect town for those who travel to Ukraine with the goal to have rest on the beaches, to enjoy wonderful nature and to see historic places. It is located on the southern coast of the Crimea, on the shores of the Black Sea. City is not large, the area of it is just 282, 9 square km while the population — 136 000 of people. But of course during tourist season it becomes several times bigger.

Yalta is an old city; the first record of it belongs to Arabic historian and dates back to the year 1154. The city was founded by Greeks in the 1st century. There is a legend that Greek seafarers lost their way and appeared near the shores of Yalta; "yelos" in Greek language means "shore" so in such way the town got its name. During its history, city was under the power of many empires, thanks to that fact you can see many antique buildings and by the same reason the culture is so rich. Among these empires are Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and of course Russian.

The climate is perfect for having rest near the sea. It is subtropical with mild winter, cool spring, hot and long summer and warm autumn. The average temperature in summer is +24 degrees. It is considered that the best weather is in September and the beginning of October, this period is called the "velvet" season.

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For a long time Yalta was a favourite place of rest for aristocracy. No wonder because there are not many places in the world where antique amphitheatres and palaces are enframed by the clean blue sea, wild nature and picturesque mountains. Even Russian tsar's family had a residency there — Livadiysky Palace. This piece of architectural art has a status of museum now and is one of the main attractions. Among other attractions of Yalta are: the Swallows Nest — a castle which stands on the rock on the seashore, house museum of the famous Russian writer Chekhov where he spent his last years and wrote some of his works, Palace of Alexander the Second, Massandra park and many others.

Travel to Ukraine to see all these things with your own eyes and you certainly will fall in love with this small cozy town where every yard has historic significance. 


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